Frequent Questions

Why do I need a website?

The world is consistently moving more and more online. McADesigns aims to help companies start to build an online presence and gain a following. Our websites specialize in being fast on all modern devices, so that users have an enjoyable experience.


What is Website Hosting? 

Websites need to be run on a computer to be visible on the internet. McADesigns is one of the most affordable high-quality hosting providers in Scotland for Websites, WordPress and any other web-services you need online. 


What is Wordpress?

WordPress is a service that allows for users with no programming experience to create their own websites. It has a extensive range of features allowing for lots of custom features.

McADesigns offers users WordPress sites, allowing them to create their own websites with the server, domain and optimizing of performance handled for them. We offer an affordable service that is no more than our other hosting services, making us extremely competitive with other companies in Scotland.


How can I edit my websites Content?

Many clients want to have a website that they can update themselves at a later date. Maybe that is because they want to update their website to show a new service, or maybe they want to have a portfolio that they can update regularly. 

McADesigns offers a unique service where your tailored website can be changed to support content editing, allowing you to change and update content on your site.

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How do we measure website performance?

McADesigns aims to use a range of different measurements to back our aim to provide high-performance and secure websites:

We use Google Lighthouse to provide a measure of our websites performance. We aim to ensure we have some of the fastest websites in the UK, in a range of conditions. This means our sites are some of the fastest on the internet, and ensures search providers do not penalize your website in search results.


What are your template websites?

Our template websites are designs that have been pre-created, allowing clients to use them at a lower cost. We want to ensure we are as inclusive with our pricing as possible, and this ensures that all our clients have a range of options to chose from.


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